Gene-modified cell therapies are the most effective platform for treating many patients with advanced disease. Despite this, these therapies are limited to a minute fraction of patients due to inefficient development and limited manufacturing scales.

Gene modified cell therapy

The state of gene therapies now

Comparison to other technologies

μVS Electroporation Viruses
Viability 83.7% ± 0.7% 70% >90%
Efficiency 57.4% ± 6.8% 50% 13.0% - 95.6%
Recovery 96.3% ± 1.1% 20% - 50% NR
μL-scale Yes Yes Yes
mL-scale Yes Yes Yes
Speed 2M s⁻¹ Fast Overnight
Footprint Tiny Not in hood Facility Req’d
Perturbation No Yes NR
Immunogenicity No No Yes
Mutagenesis No No Yes
Scalable Yes Mid No
Monitoring No No 15 Years
Extra QC No No Yes
Even Distribution Yes No No


mRNA, PBMCs, PAN T Cells, Antibodies, CAS9 RNP
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