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Ryan Pawell (Founder, Director & Chief Executive Officer) is a Y Combinator alumni, published author and subject matter expert in the areas of fluid dynamics, advanced manufacturing, and biomicrofluidics. Ryan has been invited to present his work by the Australian National Fabrication Facility, White House Cancer Moonshot Taskforce, Air Force, National Institutes of Health, and National Cancer Institute among others.


Amy Twite, PhD (Chief Scientific Officer) is an interdisciplinary scientist who has been researching the interface of chemistry and biology for 15 years with the goal of bettering the world. Her unique education allows her to approach problems differently than chemists or biologists. Her efforts have helped bring about new avenues for human therapies and bio-based tools for model system development and resource production.


Moein Kashani, PhD (Computational Scientist) has over a decade of experience in process modeling, simulation, design, and engineering. In 2016, he was granted his PhD from the University of Adelaide, South Australia where he specialized in the computational fluid dynamics of microfluidic systems. Moein's career aim is to improve designs and expedite development timelines in microfluidics where limited experimental insight is available. 


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Heidi Hagen is co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Vineti with more than 15 years experience in commercial cell therapy. Prior to this, she successfully delivered the first operation that manufactures and distributes live autologous cellular products within an 18 hour time window to oncology patients in both the United States and Europe

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Geoff Facer, PhD is the Director of Product Development at Beckton Dickinson Genomics with more than 15 years of commercial microfluidics experience. Prior to this, he helped orchestrate the single largest patent filing of all time as Vice President of Development at Geneasys while working on a point-of-care microfluidic device for biological analysis.

Warren McKenzie, PhD MCom CMatP is an Endeavour Executive Fellow, Director of Indee Labs Australia, National Business Development Manager for the Australian National Fabrication Facility along with Founder and CEO at Advanced Alloy Holdings. He has more than 10 years of commercial scientific experience. Most recently, Warren was able to spin-out an early-stage academic technology into a revenue-stage business without investment.

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Hamish Hawthorne is Chief Operating Officer at UpGuard. Prior to this he was CEO at Cicada Innovations and co-founded a Sydney-based angel network. Hamish has been deeply involved in the development of the Australian startup ecosystem -- particularly focused on the development of capability in the founders of technology ventures including those in the biotechnology and hardware industries.

company progress

  • 2018

    1 February Indee Labs presents at MF-9, the Ninth Microfluidics Consortium.

    24 January Indee Labs featured by Main Sequence Ventures.

    21 January Indee Labs featured by #AUSinnovates.

    12 January Moein featured by ANSYS for his simulation and High Performance Computing work.

    8 January Indee Labs mentioned by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission.

  • 2017

    7 December Indee Labs selected for the Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Healthcare Innovations Venture Investment Forum.

    21 November Indee Labs presents at the Make & Measure 2017 ANFF & AMMRF Research Showcase celebrating 10 year of Australia's National Collaborative Research Infrastructure.

    18 November Indee Labs featured in Australian National Fabrication Facility's 2017 Casebook celebrating 10 year of Australia's National Collaborative Research Infrastructure.

    15 November Indee Labs featured by Eagar & Martin Patent & Trademark Attorneys.

    4 October Amy presents a Lightning Talk at Synbiobeta.

    29 September Indee Labs featured in Evolve Magazine.

    20 September Indee Labs mentioned in Startup Daily News.

    29 August Indee Labs mentioned by Computerworld.

    25 August Indee Labs mentioned by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission.

    3 July Indee Labs closes $1.3M Angel Round.

    14 June Indee Labs presents at the Australian-American Emerging Cancer Technologies Meeting.

    31 May Indee Labs featured in STAT News.

    11 May Indee Labs featured in Slate Star Codex.

    18 April Indee Labs presents at QB3@953’s Amgen Innovator Series.

    20 March Indee Labs launches at Y Combinator’s Winter 2017 Demo Day.

  • 2016

    Indee Labs participates in AusTrade’s San Francisco Landing Pad prior to being selected for Y Combinator’s Winter 2017 cohort and the QB3@953 portfolio in San Francisco.

    2 November Indee Labs presents at the Air Force Office of Scientific Research's Life Science Review.

    2 November Indee Labs receives Jobs for NSW Minimum Viable Product Grant.

    24 May Indee Labs selected to present at Australian-American Enabling Technologies Meeting.

    22 April Indee Labs featured by Vator News.

    22 January Indee Labs featured by IndieBio.

  • 2015

    12 June Indee Labs featured in Science Alert.

  • 2014

    Ryan has the ‘aha’ moment while studying the fluid dynamics of microfluidic post arrays at the Australian National Fabrication Facility and graduates from the NSW Health and Cicada Innovations Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program.